What is a doula?

DONA International states a doula is “a trained professional who provides continuous physical, emotional and informational support to a mother before, during and shortly after childbirth to help her achieve the healthiest, most satisfying experience possible.” Those that hire a professional report a shorter, more satisfying birth experience.

Erin was a wonderful and integral part of our birth team. I looked forward to our meetings during my pregnancy – she was a wealth of information and made sure we thought through all the aspects of our birth. The birth of my son did not go as planned and I am so thankful that Erin was there through it all! Her knowledge about laboring positions and breathing helped to slow everything down when we needed it most and her calm presence assured both my husband and I that everything would be okay. I’ll always be grateful my husband didn’t have to support me on his own. Lastly, Erin’s postpartum check-ins were an awesome resource for our new parent questions as well as a great way to process the birth. We won’t hesitate to hire Erin again!
— Jes, Homebirth transferred to hospital

My philosophy

My primary goal is to equip you to discover your own desires for birth and to be confident in your ability to birth your baby, your way. Women have complex needs during childbirth and the weeks that follow. They thrive with individualized care based on their circumstances and preferences. Each woman, each mom, and each birth is unique. Together, we will work to realize your needs and determine what would make your birth a satisfying experience.

I believe the birth team works best with three parts.

  1. Body: Cared for by doctors, nurses and/or Midwives

  2. Emotion: Cared for by a spouse, partner, loved one or friend

  3. Mind: Cared for by a doula with information, suggestions, and encouragement

It is important that you are confident in each of these team members. You should feel comfortable and safe with them. They should support you and your desires regardless of their personal opinions.

For more information on doula support, take a look at the FAQ page or contact me.

Doula packages

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During the complimentary consultation, we will determine if we are a good fit for each other. I will also assess what your personal needs are and I will custom-build a package for you.

At a minimum, each client receives:

  • Prenatal visits to review your birth preferences, birth plan, and comfort techniques

  • Access to my lending library

  • Birth support at your home and/or birthing location

  • Postpartum support immediately following delivery

  • Postpartum follow-up one week after delivery

  • Email and phone availability throughout your pregnancy

  • 24 hour phone support starting at 38 weeks up until your birth

Add-on options include additional prenatal/postpartum visits, placenta encapsulation, and childbirth education.

Four weeks ago, I birthed our son. Nothing about the birth went as planned, but Ryan and I had two amazing women there to help support us through the journey. They coached us, cheered me on when I was nearly passed out from exhaustion, and provided emotional and physical support through the 44 hour birth. A special thank you to our doulas, Erin Fritz and Linda Jones Goldsmith, for making that day an amazing one... when God knows it could have been very different! Love you both!
— Kari, Vaginal birth with Pitocin and Epidrual